Promotional Writing, Editing & Research

Written copy for printed farm brochures includes a magazine-type article about your farm and horses. Price will include consultation time regarding use of photos as well but no design work. Please contact me for a free consultation on your needs.

Help give your farm and breeding program the best possible exposure! Showcase your horses with a farm story on your website. The cost includes a personal interview with custom-written questions which result in the finished product. This is an individually priced item, please contact me for a no cost consult on your needs.

Promotional pieces on individual horses are one of the best ways to attract breedings for stallions or to sell a horse. In one page all of the highlights of the horse’s ancestry will be mentioned-please keep in mind this is a brief “snapshot”, for people who need more in depth information a pedigree research essay would be best.
Pedigree research essays include show, race and any other information requested are in the format of a magazine article about the horse's background. Essays can run 3 - 5 pages, based on the amount of information you need to know about the horse. They are useful for learning complete information about a horse, but are less effective as promotional tools due to their length. Essays can be customized to the needs of the purchaser (ie if achievement information is more important that will be emphasized, or the essay can discuss specific connections to historic breeding programs, family strains, etc.     To view a sample, click here.

An inexpensive way to promote your stallion or sales horses on the internet, or for use in a small ad in a print journal. A 2 paragraph summary of your horse's best points, show record and/or pedigree highlights.

Example of promotional writing suitable for use on the internet or in a small print journal advertisement:

There are many sons of U.S. Reserve National Champion Stallion THEE DESPERADO at stud….BUT…

AMIR AMANTE has a dam line that has produced National Champions for four generations. His dam produced South African National Champion Stallion and National Champion sire THE MAISTRO. She is a full sister to BINT EL SANAA, dam of international champions A LITTLE PASSION and A LITTLE TENDERNESS. His second dam, AK EL SANAA, produced Qatar National Champion Stallion and World Reserve Junior Champion Colt SABIELL. She is the dam of 7 Egyptian Event winners and 4 champions. His third dam, *DEENAA, is the dam of South African National Champion Stallion AHIR (a 3/4 brother to AK EL SANAA). His third dam, *DEENAA, has founded an internationally successful family of stallions including Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Stallion and National winner sire IMTAARIF, National winner sire IBN EL MAREEKH, and U.S. Top Ten Stallion ANAZA EL FARID (sire of World Champion Stallion *GAZAL AL SHAQAB and paternal grandsire of World Junior Champion and U.S. National Champion Junior Stallion *MARWAN AL SHAQAB).

Remember, the Bedouins believed the dam line of a stallion far more important than the sire line-and very few stallions have a dam line as strong as that of AMIR AMANTE, proven for National Champion production on multiple continents.

Any research / writing project not specifically listed (such as auction price statistics) may be undertaken at $28.75 per hour. Email or telephone consults imparting specific information are available at $20.00 per email or half-hour call, with client to pay all long distance charges. Please note that any email or phone consults must be prepaid before consultation can be performed.

These contain Information on the offspring of horses who have won in the show ring (racing and endurance winners also available). I can provide these for either mares or stallions. Champion lists are furnished with percentage of champions from registered get at no additional charge as this information can be very useful in promoting a stallion. I also include the parents of the dams of the winners so that the most successful crosses can easily be seen and mares with similar breeding solicited for the stallion. I can also check to see if your mare qualifies as an Aristocrat for the Arabian Horse World list which may assist in marketing her offspring.     To view a sample, click here.

Not sure the profile you have written for an interview with one of the breed journals is on target? Want to check out your new web page article before you post it for all to see? I can help. Editing of other's work is available, at $28.75 per hour. (I can usually edit a farm profile with some rewriting in an hour, longer items will take more time.) Editing of my own work is free, if a client needs something shorter than what was originally purchased, and is highly recommended to maintain integrity of content.

I have been doing background work for attorneys for many years, and have made a number of court appearances in various cases, including I.R.S. hearings. Background research is priced at $28.75/hour, depositions at $57.50/hour, and courtroom time at $750.00/day, or $3,500.00 inclusive to see a case from start to finish. I handle legal work on a very limited basis, please contact me for a discussion of your needs.

Just about anything involving research on Arabian horses can be attempted for you as a Special Project. This might include auction price statistics, verification that a horse is the only one with a particular achievement (example: the 1997 U.S. Top Ten Stallion KK War Knight was the only black stallion in breed history to achieve a U.S. Stallion Halter Top Ten), etc. Rate for special projects is $20.00 per hour, please contact me to discuss your ideas in advance.












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