Over the past thirty seven years I have had the privilege of working with some of the leaders of the Arabian industry as well as many small breeders wanting to learn more about their horses. Whether your horse is a much loved riding companion or a National Champion, I can help you learn more about its ancestry and conformational strengths and weaknesses. I enjoy working with horse lovers whether they are owned by one horse or by many. Below are some of the comments of satisfied clients who have used my services in recent years:

Arlene Magid has been keeping records on the Varian horses for many years. Arlene not only has an amazing memory for winnings and history  of horses from years ago but does extremely accurate research on the history of any horse we want a full write up for marketing or simply personal interest reasons. I am not aware of anyone able to produce the depth of work on a horse that Arlene offers.

- Sheila Varian
Varian Arabians
Arroyo Grande, California

Our breed is very fortunate to have someone like Arlene Magid who is able to share such extensive pedigree knowledge and research with breeders, owners and all Arabian enthusiast. Arlene goes above and beyond to exceed the expectations one could hope for when looking for more knowledge about pedigrees, show records and the history of our breed. The information Arlene was able to provide to us about our stallion KM Bugatti's pedigree and show record was the kind of information that will help mare owners with breeding decisions, it was very educational and gave tons of insight as well as the show records through out his pedigree. Arlene was great to work with and truly hope that others will take advantage of her excellent services she offers to our industry. We can honestly say that the work Arlene did for us more than our money's worth, it will be substantial key information in our marketing plans for Bugatti and our future breeding plans. Thank you so much Arlene!!!! The information you provided us about Bugatti is priceless.

- Kristi Waters
owner of KM Bugatti / KM Stables Inc.

Wow, this is incredible Arlene..........you did such a wonderful job. I cannot tell you how happy and proud I am of Mishaah and his get. I guess I can say with pride that he has done an incredible job. Thank you so much, so very much. I can't wait to start posting some of this on Facebook, of course if that is ok with you. Thank you again, you made my day!

- Sandy Markoff
Alexandra Arabians

I think Arlene is one of the true treasures in our industry. She has such an incredible, wide knowledge of not only Arabian bloodlines, (from Straight Egyptian to Polish to Domestic US), but also of the life history (including memorable accomplishments) of horses from these bloodlines. In addition, I have always known Arlene to be extremely honest and unbiased in her research and descriptions of horses and their position in the Arabian horse world. And of course, her pedigree research done on a particular individual is replete with all sorts of wonderful information on ths horse's ancestors as far back as desert bred foundation stock!

Again, a real treasure and resource for our Arabian industry.

- Allison Mehta
Talaria Farms
Newnan, GA

Thank you so much for your research and write-up on my colt's pedigree. You have such an amazing way of gathering facts and putting them on paper in a precise, meaningful way without all the "fluff" and half-truths that seem to prevail elsewhere. The use of your information has helped to generate more interest both locally and overseas than I could have ever expected. Count on me for future business. The small cost of your research is a real bargain for the benefit that it reaps!

- Jan Wolf
Providence Farm
Custer, Wisconsin

I was so excited to receive the write up you did on my stallion. I have always done my own pedigree research, (and I think I am pretty decent at it) I decided to have you do my fellow, as I know with your knowledge and library, you would come up with all sorts of goodies. I was amazed at the information you were able to compile that I could not find. Beautifully written and put together. I can't wait to send this out in my breeding packages this year.

- Kristine Rennich
Renex Arabians
Lindbrook, Alberta, Canada

All of my equine enthusiasts are extremely impressed with your write-ups. I am positive that your write up will be a factor in selling this horse. I think I will always want your write ups to sell a horse. Thank you again.

- Dawn Dawson

Arlene's work can be a huge help in your breeding plans. Her insight into the horses in a pedigree can give you information you would otherwise never think to look for or where to find it. Remember, what is in the pedigree can and will show up. It is always good to know and Arlene can be a tremendous help to you in making knowledgeable decisions. And for those who don't breed it is just nice to know more about your horse and its lineage.

- Peter Mileo

I am doing the happy dance today because I received an 8 generation wall chart pedigree from Arlene!!! WOO HOO! For those of you who aren't aware of the Secret Santa thread on ABN, I was one of the "Santa's" and Arlene was one of the Secret Santas. Since I was the one who gave out the names, I had the opportunity to pick whoever I wanted to be MY SS - I chose Arlene. My gift from Arlene is a hand written, 8 generation wall chart pedigree of Otto (MSU Autocracy++), that includes EVERYTHING. I thought I knew Otto's lines pretty well, WRONG! Through Arlene's research, I saw that Falallah (on the dam's side) was the dam of an endurance Arabian who completed over 2600 miles and finished 46 of 49 races. I also saw other horses that I have admired over the years (Hi Voltage, Count Dorsaz, etc) how many champions they sired or were the dams of.

I don't have a stallion or mare like the rest of you do as I am not into breeding. What I do have is a gelding that I love dearly (yes, my husband is aware of it! LOL!). Now I have an incredible document that I am going to frame and put on the wall w/ Otto's photos and other prestigious awards. No, this document is NOT going to be hidden out of sight! LOL!

THANK YOU Arlene for such an incredible and priceless gift. I love it! I promise you all that when the tornado sirens go off, that document is coming w/ us to the "safe room" in the basement.

- Jeanie Stanton
owner of National winner MSU Autocracy

Working with Arlene was not only a pleasure, but one of the most important steps I have taken during my years as an Arabian horse breeder. Knowing that my stallion, Ansata El Shahraf, had an impressive pedigree, a true study was in order to verify the accomplishments achieved by the program. Arlene more than rose to the task. I found her to be inexhaustible in her knowledge and determination to verify all information, down to the smallest detail. The information provided to me was priceless, both as a breeders reference, and marketing tool.

I would encourage every serious breeder to contact Arlene regarding her services.

- Barbara Lewis
Baraka Farm
Cove, AR

I can't begin to tell you how much I value your work. There are many times when I look at my stallion, Diamond Sureyn L's eight (8) generation pedigree that you prepared for me to look up not only his heritage but of related horses too. There is so much work on that one pedigree that it has proved invaluable in many instances. From that one pedigree I have not only learned about the history of my own horse, but about others as well. Thank you again Arlene for your work. To the readers out there... the value of a well researched pedigree is something that will be looked at time and time again, not only for the pedigree but for show record wins, generational strains and related horses of that same lineage.

- Marijanne Nichols
Desert Mill Arabians

Thank you so much for your time & efforts Arlene, you have filled in so much on Bens Royale Aire for us! If you need pedigree research done, I highly recommend using Arlene, she goes above & beyond with her research & knowledge - Incredible work, a pleasure to do business with!

Your pedigree research on them way surpassed my expectations, awesome work Arlene! You had my jaws dropping as I read and re-read, I'm stlll learning and absorbing it all! :-) Thank you so much for uncovering my stallions’ history for me, I wish I would have found you when I first found them! I absolutely love the richness of their bloodlines, incredible dams, sires and accomplishments in various disciplines. I absolutely love it! You have been a gem to this newbie, and are an asset to the Arabian world. Looking forward to their offspring to carry the lineage on.

- Sheri Schulden-Rusk
Black Rose Friesians

Arabian pedigree research has always been an interest during my many years as a breeder of Arabian horses. I felt that my knowledge of the horses in my program was adequate, but wanted more documentation for verification and an in-depth look. With a lack of time and resources to do it on my own, I turned to one of our breeds most capable researchers, Arlene Magid. Even knowing her reputation as an authority, I was surprised to see the extent of her research. Not only has her research been a great assistance in the planning of my program, but also a valuable marketing tool.

- David Myers
Rennaissance Arabians
South Charleston, Ohio

I find Arlene’s 8 generation strain coloured electronic pedigrees a necessity to use as my breeding tool. I place great emphasis on the strains of my horses or stallions that I contemplate using. It gives me an instant visual clarity into the minds of great successful breeders of the past; as well as giving an in depth view to help understand the correlations between certain strains & the successes that their blending has attained. A scientific understanding of the phenotypes & genotypes’ of breeding are a necessity; way before the artistry of the foal of your “conception” will be fully appreciated in the eyes of all admirers.

- Ismail Ibrahim Jibrail
Jibrail Arabians

Arlene Magid is truly gifted in the field of equine pedigree research. I had several prospective mare owners who needed some in depth information about my stallion's pedigree. As a fairly new breeder - I didn't feel confident in discussing all of the horses in Aspecial's pedigree. However after engaging Arlene to do a pedigree analysis and study for me - I was ready to speak to all prospective mare owners with confidence.

I actually sent the information that Arlene had researched for me to the mare owners who had contacted me and one of them actually confirmed her booking on the spot. I have two more breeders who were also considering booking a breeding to my stallion and they also intend to book their mares to my stallion.

Arlene Magid's pedigree research studies are a must have tool for any stallion or mare owner. The return on investment on her services was immediate and I can't wait for her to do another pedigree study for me.

Thanks so much Arlene!

- Carol Maginn
Owner - Bear Creek Ranch
Lockhart, TX

I rely on Arlene Magid for all my pedigree research (and a good deal of advice). She knows her bloodlines and has an amazing memory for show records. Her final work product is impeccable. Breeding Arabian horses is my passion. To do it successfully you have to do your homework. I recommend Arlene Magid without hesitation.

Donna M. Hentges
Owner, Greymoor Farm
Home of triple National Champion First Cyte+

"Arlene Magid's pedigree research lends a dimension to my breeding program that is invaluable. Her insights and knowledge enable me to fully understand my mares, allowing me to use them to the best of their genotypic and phenotypic abilities. Arlene is delightful to work with and her enthusiasm is contagious."

- Julie Patton, Aviance Arabians

Arlene's pedigree research is first rate. I couldn't be happier with the work she did for me on my two Classical Spanish stallions. I've been around for some time and thought I was very familiar with their pedigrees but she brought to light detailed information about them I wasn't even aware of.

- Jim Porcher
Blue Mesa Horse
Bernalillo, New Mexico

January 5, 2008

Hi Arlene,

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a great job that you’ve done on ODYSSEY’s Pedigree Research, as well as, his Champions List! I must say that you have definitely exceeded my expectations on what I thought I was going to get. The detail was incredible and very informative even to me, his owner! It would have taken me months to have compiled all of the information that was in the Champions List and I am sure that I would have never been able to even attempt the Pedigree Research.
I must say that I truly need to thank Joni Hyrick for introducing me to you and the fabulous work that you do! Thanks again and I look forward to our future endeavors together.

- Duke Mendel
Owner of National Champion and National Champion sire Odyssey SC

Breeders today have very limited resources to detailed and comprehensive pedigree information. If I want to have show statistics run and complied, or a bloodline history written on a horse, or a piece that I can post on our website giving the details of a stallion or mare's pedigree, then my first phone call is to Arlene Magid.  I have worked with her for years and it is like having your own pedigree expert on staff.  Her resources would be difficult to match and her mind is an Arabian horse encyclopedia.  I am so grateful that she is available to our industry...she is a treasure for us all.

- Carol Steppe
Day Dream Arabians, Inc.












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