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I now accept Paypal for subscriptions to or advertising in my new MONTHLY newsletter here on my site. The newsletter is sent as an email attachment for you to download and print off if you wish. For those who do not use Paypal, or if you wish to purchase specific issues rather than a 12 issue subscription, please email me on for details on buying specific issues or payment methods other than Paypal. Note: most issues of the newsletter are 50 pages or more, some are over 150 pages.

2021 Issues
All issues $5 each if bought individually

Please note that due to AHA's Datasource being down for nearly 2 full months in the spring of 2021, and continuning outages that amount to a full business day most weeks, that 2021 issues of the newsletter are behind schedule. I am doing my best to rectify this and appreciate your patience.

  • January: Comet Sons And Daughters Who Bred On Outside Poland (2 parts, over 150 pages)
  • February: Guest article on Jake Bates (the first Arabian breeder from Maine) & Major Mac V, the story so far
  • March: Aquinor Great Polish Sire
  • April: A short history of Spanish Arabians in the USA
  • May: A short history of Egyptian Arabians in the USA
  • June: General Dickinson Imports To America (from South America, Egypt, Poland & England)
  • July: Donoghue Arabians
  • August: A selection of great Al-Marah broodmares
  • September: Huckleberry Bey++ and his sons
  • October: Sport Horse Nationals coverage
  • November: Huckleberry Bey++ daughters
  • December: Sunny Acres Arabians

2020 back issues available for $5 each or $24 for the full year

  • February-Gainey Arabians
  • March: Great Polish Racing Dams Forta and *Sabellina
  • April: Babson Polish and English Imports & *Turfa
  • May: Babson Egyptian Imports Part 1 (*Bint Saada, *Bint Bint Durra & *Bint Serra I)
  • June:Babson Egyptian Imports Part 2 (Fay-El-Dine & Fa-Serr)
  • July: Babson Egyptian Imports Part 3 (*Bint Bint Sabbah, *Maaroufa, *Fadl)
  • August: *Silfretta Crabbet Import
  • September: Varian Hall Of Fame Broodmares Part 1 (32 mares)
  • October: Sport Horse Nationals coverage (Leading Sires and Dams, top winning horses and other topics)
  • November: Varian Hall Of Fame Broodmares Part 2 (36 mares, all of the *Bachantka dam line)
  • December :Sons and Daughters Of Comet: Their influence on the breed
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