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"I feel like if I knew nothing of the Gainey program or Arabs, I could have still learned something. It was an awesome read. You have some great ideas and an excellent way of sharing. I am excited for this new chapter for you."

- Alyssa Bell

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"A.M. Williams, also known as Arlene Magid is now publishing a newsletter that is extremely interesting and a tremendous source of the history of Arabian horses and their owners. I am a subscriber and I highly recommend Arlene Magid's 2020 Newsletter. Subscriptions to her newsletter are $24 per year and I consider it a bargain."

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"You have a brilliant mind, Arlene. The knowledge you share from between those ears of yours is a testament to your intellect as well as your devotion to Arabian horses. It is obvious that you desire to provide useful and inspiring information resulting in a credible Arabian horse industry. You provide information that is always flawless and so appreciated by the intellectual breeder. Because I, and many others like me, know the value of any information you share, I soak up your articles and resources like this newsletter. If each issue is similar to this premier issue, it is well worth the money I have paid for it."

- Leigh Meyer

"I so enjoyed the newsletter on the Gainey program. So informative, it is always a pleasure to read your work."

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