Breeding Consulting

I can offer assistance in choosing the proper mate for your mare, or in attracting the best mares to insure your stallion's success. Variable prices based on whether I am to help choose between several existing alternatives or to begin a search and carry it through to completion. For a mare, cost would be lower if you ask for my help in deciding between two potential mates, it is higher if you ask me to initiate a search for the proper stallion for her. To select mares for a stallion, initial cost will vary as to whether you require general bloodline and conformation recommendations or you wish me to help decide between several mares you are considering. Breeding consultations require submission of video footage and/or still photographs and pedigrees of all horses being considered. I have helped breed a number of champions already, including a recent National winner, and have owned a National winner myself - let me help you get the best possible foals. Below are the requirements for me to assist you with a breeding consultation if I am not able to see your horse in the flesh. I always prefer to see horses in person if possible of course!


Video (Video can be sent on DVD disk in postal mail if possible, or posted online on YouTube):

  1. Horse standing still, in a relaxed pose with a stable halter (no show pose). Pan the camera around the horse slowly, with closeups of the legs from front end on, both sides and back end on. I also need to see some footage of each side of the horse, and closeups of the head and neck, and hindquarters.
  2. Lead the horse at a walk to and away from the camera.
  3. Lead the horse at a trot to and away from the camera.
  4. Turn the horse loose in a paddock and try to get it to move at all gaits (this can be the hardest part!)
  5. If the horse is broke to ride, I would like to see it ridden at all gaits.
  6. If footage is available of offspring and of the offspring's other parent (even if it does not meet my usual specs) please include it.

Still photos (I prefer prints in postal mail if possible, as it is very hard to measure angles on a computer monitor from photos sent as email attachments. However I will accept photos sent as email attachments if they cannot be sent in postal mail).

  1. Legs--front end on, back end on, side view of front legs, side view of back legs.
  2. Head and neck
  3. Whole horse--each side
  4. Motion photos--horse walking, trotting, cantering--without rider and with rider (if
    the latter can be managed)
  5. If anything you have on hand matches my needs, please feel free to send it so you need not go to additional trouble.

Sample Breeding Consultation

This evaluation of ABHA KALINA is based on study of her pedigree, photographs and brief video footage.


2011 Balearic Silver Champion Mare ABHA KALINA is a full sister to a National Champion who has produced a World Champion and to a South African National Champion. Her sire ABHA FADIL, a Spanish National Champion, sired very few get but was a stallion of great type and athletic ability. ABHA FADIL's sire is a Spanish National Champion and ABHA FADIL is a grandson of two World Champion Stallions who have sired World Champions. ABHA KALINA's dam has produced a National Champion and is a full sister to a National Champion and is also a 3/4 sister to a National Champion and multiple National Champion producer. This is an excellent pedigree!


Strengths: Strong bone, short cannons. Short back, powerful hindquarter and high tail set. Well angled shoulder. Very large eyes, wedge shaped head. Has a great deal of charisma when loose in paddock and moves well.

Less Desirable Traits: Tied in tendon below knee on one front leg. Neck could be longer with more arch. Muzzle could be more refined. Her daughter Abha Oriental by Khidar lacks head refinement so Abha Kalina needs to be bred with head refinement of the stallion as a priority.

Movement: Has a great deal of charisma when loose in paddock and moves well. . Does not track straight at the trot-hocks set too close together.


(1) Shaaram El Chique-foal would have pedigree linebred to *Carmargue, *El Shaklan and Alhaja (dam of *GG Samir). Sharaam El Chique has more head refinement than Abha Kalina, a long well arched neck. She would compliment him as she has stronger bone than he does and a more powerful rear end than he does, and also has better forelegs.

(2) Shanghai EA-would contribute more head refinement and length of neck. Abha Kalina would contribute her strong bone, short back and powerful hindquarter. Foal would be linebred to *Estopa, dam of Ibn Estopa and *El Shaklan.

(3) Peron-would contribute more head refinement and length of neck to her foal and would also sire a foal who has good movement from sire and dam.












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