Appraisals/mating consults/prepurchase consults describe faults and virtues of the horse, some information on winners in its pedigree, and a comparison with current sale/auction prices of horses of similar quality. I can inspect a horse in person or I can do appraisals from video footage supported with still photographs as detailed below. Appraisals are invaluable as both prepurchase evaluations and documentation of value prior to sales. Appraisals are also useful in obtaining insurance and in legal matters (I.R.S. audits especially). Mating consults are designed to help you choose the best possible match for your mare (or suggestions of compatible mares for your stallion). My advice is IMPARTIAL-I do NOT accept commissions from stallion owners on stud fees if I recommend their horses (beware of the "free" advice from trainers and marketers as it is NOT free!)

Please see PRICE LIST section of this website for different pricing options on ordering.


Videos can be posted online on YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox.

  1. Horse standing still, in a relaxed pose with a stable halter (no show pose).
    Pan the camera around the horse slowly, with closeups of the legs from front end on, both sides and back end on. I also need to see some footage of each side of the horse, and closeups of the head and neck, and hindquarters.
  2. Lead the horse at a walk to and away from the camera.
  3. Lead the horse at a trot to and away from the camera.
  4. Turn the horse loose in a paddock and try to get it to move at all gaits (this can be the hardest part!)
  5. If the horse is broke to ride, I would like to see it ridden at all gaits.
  6. If footage is available of offspring and of the offspring's other parent (even if it does not meet my usual specs) please include it.

Still photos (please send as email attachments).

  1. Legs--front end on, back end on, side view of front legs, side view of back legs.
  2. Head and neck
  3. Whole horse--each side
  4. Motion photos--horse walking, trotting, cantering--without rider and with rider (if
    the latter can be managed)

If anything you have on hand matches my needs, please feel free to send it so you need not go to additional trouble.

Sample Appraisal

First Cyte

The basis of value for an Arabian stallion in the current market is based on three considerations: pedigree, competition record, and success of offspring in competition. 
FIRST CYTE+ excels in all three of these areas.

FIRST CYTE+’s ancestry is one of the strongest in the breed today. Simply put, there are no “holes” in his pedigree of horses lacking achievements themselves or having a significant percentage of offspring lacking in achievements. There are 25 National winners and/or producers of National winners among the 30 horses in the first four generations of his pedigree. He has double lines to both *BASK++ and *SERAFIX, two of the breed's all time leading sires. He traces to four of the best U.S. National Champion Stallions: *BASK++, BAY ABI++, FAME VF+ and RAFFON++. He comes from a four generation line of mares who have produced National winners in halter. His sire OUT OF CYTE was successful when shown on the regional level as a youngster and never competed on the national level due to injury. He has sired 13 purebred National winners in halter, hunt pleasure, western pleasure and English sidesaddle, with National Champions in halter, hunt pleasure, and western pleasure. OUT OF CYTE is a full brother to 18 time National winner ROL CYLENCER+//, whose titles include four National Championships or Reserves in western pleasure and western sidesaddle. OUT OF CYTE’s sire CYTOSK+++/ is a U.S. Top Ten Stallion and Reserve National Champion English Pleasure, one of the few living stallions to have won in both disciplines. CYTOSK+++/ has sired 26 purebred National winners. OUT OF CYTE’s dam AMANDI produced 4 champions (giving her Aristocrat status) and one of her offspring is a successful endurance horse, proof of her ability to produce athletic offspring.  FIRST CYTE+’s dam ROL WILD FLOWER was a regional halter winner who died the year he was born, but her full sister FAMES FLOWER (also a regional halter winner) has produced 4 champions from 6 registered foals (a champion percentage of 66%!). ROL WILD FLOWER is by U.S. National Champion Stallion FAME VF+, sire of 83 National winners (including National Champions in halter, dressage, hunt pleasure and western pleasure) and 63 producers of National winners.

FIRST CYTE+’s own show record is outstanding. It includes 6 National titles in halter: U.S. and Canadian National Champion Stallion, unanimous Canadian National Champion Futurity Colt, U.S. Reserve National Champion Stallion and Futurity Colt and U.S. Top Ten Sweepstakes Colt.   FIRST CYTE+ is trained under saddle and showed potential as a saddleseat performance horse, however, due to his breeding commitments his owner elected not to have him compete under saddle.

As a breeding stallion, FIRST CYTE+ has more than proven his worth, with 36 champion get from 86 get old enough to show midway through the 2008 show season, giving
him a champion percentage of 41% of his get old enough to show- an excellent percentage as most nationally promoted stallions are in the 20-25% range. A remarkable 75% of his champion get have won on the regional and National level.  His National winners include Canadian Top Ten Mare AOTH PR RED VELVET, U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Futurity Gelding, U.S. Top Ten Gelding JTH KATALYSTT(also a four time regional winner in hunt pleasure), Canadian Top Ten Futurity Filly HARLEQYIN, U.S. and Canadian Reserve National Champion Futurity Gelding RELENTLYSS (who also has three regional championships or reserves in hunt pleasure junior horse), U.S. National Champion Sweepstakes Filly, Canadian Reserve National Champion Futurity Filly and U.S. Top Ten Futurity Filly DRAMA QYEEN, and 2007 U.S. National Champion Sport Horse Stallion PA NYTE STAR.

Thus, FIRST CYTE+ is top flight in all three critical areas-genotype, phenotype (as proven by competition wins), and as a sire. Recently the American Arabian breeding community has seen a private sale of a 2 year old colt, QR MARC, for a figure said to be several million dollars. QR MARC had a U.S. Reserve National Champion Sweepstakes Colt title prior to his sale and has had an international championship since his sale. Although his sire line is of comparable strength to that of FIRST CYTE+, his dam line is much weaker as it has produced National winners for just two generations, not four. In addition QR MARC had no foals on the ground at the time he was sold.  In February 2008 the breeding stallion BASKE AFIRE sold at the Cedar Ridge Sale for a record price of $2.8 million. This stallion has no show record, a far lower champion percentage than FIRST CYTE+ (he has a total of 591 registered get with just EIGHT purebred National winners from 490 old enough to show through 2007-FIRST CYTE+, with only 86 get old enough to show through 2007, has SIX National winners), and a much less impressive dam line (as with QR MARC, only the first two generations have produced National winners). I therefore feel FIRST CYTE+ to be worth xxxx (amount not given at the request of his owner), based on the sale prices of horses not as strong as he is in pedigree, show record or sire record.












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