Arlene Magid has been doing paid work for clients worldwide needing to know more about their Arabian horses since 1982. She has a good working knowledge of all bloodlines and of conformation —her feeling is that there are great horses of all bloodlines in the world. Her articles have appeared in the U.S. in the Arabian Horse Times (of which she was editor at one time), The Arabian Horse World, Inside International (I.A.H.A.'s magazine), Crabbet Influence, Arabian Visions, Arabian Horse Express, Arabians, California and Southwest Arabians, Arabian News, Pacific Northwest Arabian News, Horseman's Yankee Pedlar, and most recently she has written a number of historical articles for Modern Arabian Horse. Arlene was the researcher and editor for the book "Arabian Legends" published by Western Horsemen — which is probably the best reference in print for historic Arabians at this time. She has also written the introductory sections of the last five Pyramid Society Handbooks on Egyptian Arabians. In the 1980s, she did the pedigree research and commentary for many of the Scottsdale auctions and was the researcher behind Lasma's Star Stallion program.
In Australia Arlene's work has been published in Australian Arabian News, Australian Arabian Express and Studs and Stallions. In England, she has had a number of articles published in Arab Horse Society News, including ones on *Camargue and Babson Egyptian bloodlines found in England.

Arlene also is a regular contributor of articles to the Arabian Breeders Network website. Recent pieces on the history of Spanish Arabian Breeding in America,  the great racehorse Kontiki,  and *Witez II have all been well-received.

Arlene has given seminars and courses at schools, horse farms all over the U.S., the Scottsdale All-Arabian Show, where she was a guest speaker two years in a row; the Eastern Crabbet Alliance show, conference centers and other venues. She specializes in the history of theArlene Magid and Rodney Arabian horse, bloodlines, family strains, achievements (show ring, endurance, racing) and related information. She has done legal work for horse owners—including tax cases, a major pharmaceutical company, and the state government of Washington State among others.

Testimonials from recent clients can be found under the testimonials section of this site.  Let Arlene help you know more about your horses so you can breed with confidence, buy horses wisely, and market horses and breedings with facts, not fiction.

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